Neon and Nerdy, a nerd birthday party theme

We all have a little nerd in us somewhere. You know when you can't look away from that geeky techie thing or when your obsession with the periodic table becomes a little creepy. That's's totally normal around this place!  This nerd birthday party lets us not only embrace our nerd, it makes nerdy the new cool. Don't be ashamed to sport those nerd glasses and bow ties. Hold your highlighters high for this bright colored nerd birthday party. boys birthday, boys birthday themes, boys birthday ideas, nerd birthday party, nerd, nerd glasses, nerd party, back to school party, back to school, end of school, mad scientist, chemistry party, mad scientist party, neon party, neon birthday, nerd party, nerd birthday

The inspiration for the party came while Smith and I were wondering the grocery store isles and he happened to find a discount Halloween rack with nerd glasses on it. You should have seen his face when he stuck the thick, black rimmed glasses on his nose. He thought he was the shiz and absolutely would not take them off. Those silly glasses brought him so confidence and happiness, I had to buy the stupid things. He wore them for months... to the gym daycare, to pick up carpool, paired with his favorite rain boots. Ha. I couldn't help but think it would make the best theme for his upcoming two year old birthday party.

When the guests started arriving at the party, they each got their own nerd glasses and bow tie to turn them into the ultimate nerd. These were simple DIY's that took minutes to do but added so much character to the day. The nerd glasses were actually sunglasses with the lenses popped out and washi tape wrapped around the brim and they turned out perfect. The bow tie was a simple bow done in neon ribbon with a piece of black and white striped ribbon hot glued around it to hold it together. For ease of putting them on, I hot glued a safety pin to the back but if you wanted to be fancy you could splurge for a clip. There are lots of tutorials on pinterest on similar bows.

Here's Smith, my now two year old, sporting his glasses and bow tie. Cutest nerd I ever saw.IMG_3785 edited for web Smith's cousins range from 3-13 so we wanted to do something that could include everyone. We came up with the idea to make our own molecules. The molecule sign is included in the party kit so you just have to get toothpicks, grapes and marshmallows. You could actually use any fruit and candy and it would turn out adorable. I loved seeing the kid's creativity and they loved eating their creations when they were done.

We also decided to DIY the cookies and birthday cake. We definitely aren't professional cake decorators but this one was pretty simple as it was a pretty basic cake shape with white fondant rolled over. The suspenders were left over ribbon from the bow ties so all we had to find were the clips and buttons. The only problem solving we had to do was to get the fondant red bow tie to hold it's perkiness and keep the loops to hold their shape. Don't worry, it's nothing a couple markers inside each loop wouldn't fix (we obviously took them out when they were set up).

IMG_3724 edited for web

The cookies came from this cute Youtube video which was foolproof. You just print off her template to make the glasses (make sure you use the exact icing she suggests or it doesn't set up).

IMG_3789 edited for webThe kid's thought the beakers with dry ice in them were pretty cool and they each left with a goody bag and test tube of nerds.

IMG_3734 edited for web

IMG_3804 edited for web

Now that the party is over, I think I'll put the cute print (included in the kit) up in Smith's bedroom.

IMG_3720 edited for web

The cool thing about this kit is it could be used for a birthday, back to school (or even better an end of school party), a chemistry or mad scientist party and it really could be used for an older kid or teen party too. It comes as a party in a box - styled and shipped right to your door and ready to go or choose the digital download and print as many as you like from home.

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For more ideas, follow Happy Confetti's Neon and Nerdy board on Pinterest.