Building a Modern Craftsman

Building a modern craftsman ideasOne of my favorite smells is wood, more specifically sawdust. The smell never fails to remind me of my mindless childhood summers working at the construction site with my dad. My sister and I knew if we worked hard all day, my dad would buy us a candy bar when we stopped at the gas station. That, my friends, was simply all summer was about; just candy bars and the smell of sawdust. Because we were around his construction sites year after year, summer after summer, I have nobody else but my hard-working dad to blame for my endless hours of DVR'd HGTV and my I-can-make-that attitude.

Chris and I thought we'd build a house a few years after we got married and I couldn't help but dream about house plans and kitchens, but life changes and building a house wasn't in the books for us quite yet. After pharmacy school and a job in Vegas we are (finally) back in Utah and ready to build the house we've always dreamed of building. We are grateful and feel blessed. My goosebumps get the goosebumps just thinking about it and I'm anxiously waiting to smell the sawdust.

Let's go on this journey of building a modern craftsman together. Hopefully, you can learn from tips as well as our "should haves".  Let's inspire each other, discuss modern trends and get to those DIY projects that’ll make our (mine and your) lives a little more lovely.

Meet the future view of the Pharmacist husband, wannabe supermom/entrepreneur wife, three rowdy boys and our pup, Murphy.