Trend Alert - A Painted Brick House

I have this crazy urge to run down the street, paintbrush in hand, attacking every brick house I see. I know, I know, it's just brick but I feel this crazy amount of passion for a good painted brick house. Paint could be the single simplest trick to making this world (and our brick houses) a little more lovely. Let me tell you why I love this trend…

Westboro Home by Kariouk Associates

A painted brick house:

- It's an easy update to create instant curb appeal. Sure, you’ve thought about painting your stucco, but wait, why are you trying to work around a brick color that was picked out when green shag carpet was in style? Paint that brick. It doesn’t matter what exterior surface colors you already have or if it’s an old fireplace that needs a facelift, it’s an easy update that will make a huge impact.

- It's eclectic. It looks good indoor and out. It can be modern, industrial, contemporary, traditional, craftsman, midcentury, beach, farmhouse or anything in between. Lets say in ten years your style changes, no biggie. The brick is still good to go and can fit whatever your next style might be. Paint it again if you'd like. How often do you find a building material this versatile?

- You can pick the exact color. No need to check out a zillion brick and rock stores trying to find something you hope will match your existing colors. Go to Home Depot, grab some swatches and color match to your heart’s desire! In fact, a good designer trick is to color match to your fabric and keep your painted brick house a high contrast of colors. Try a dark color with a lighter color in the same tone or even neutral with an unexpected pop of color.

- You know I love a good deal. What a bargain finding cheap-o brick and giving it a fresh coat. Try craigslist or yard sale sights. When people knock down buildings, you bet they are looking to make some cash on their old brick. If it is going outside though, just make sure that your brick isn't deteriorating or chipping. You don't want moisture to get in and chip your paint off.

-It's low maintenance.  The paint actually protects your exterior brick from the sun, it's fireproof, waterproof and doesn't allow mildew. If it does need a good cleaning, it's simple to clean too.


Moral of the story: Update your brick with a little paint. Don’t have existing brick? Buy some cheap brick and slap a fresh coat on. You better believe this is one bandwagon worth jumping on.