Confetti Party

It's no surprise I love confetti (and parties) so this next project was a no brainer for me. Let's talk about having a confetti party, shall we? I double dare you to find someone who doesn't like confetti. It's cute, playful and can fit any party color or theme. It's the perfect addition for, well anything. Stick it on a present with two sided tape, embellish an invitation, spread it on the tables, have a confetti Photo Booth with confetti props, make some confetti cannons, confetti poppers, confetti filled balloons, put it into your flower vases, make confetti banners, food that looks like confetti (aka sprinkles)... the possibilities are endless. I was invited to share my confetti party tips on Studio 5 recently and since then have incorporated some of the projects into Confetti Night (more about this amazing women's conference here). So, I decided to do a quick recap of some of my favorite ways to incorporate confetti in your party and create a confetti party of your own. It's totally on trend right now and I don't think little bits of confetti happiness scattered around a party will ever go out of style. You want a crazy awesome party theme but don't want to break the bank? Why not make confetti the star of the show?

Here's my video from Studio 5 showing a few of these ideas in action.

Besides some of the ideas showed on Studio 5, I also added a bunch of confetti greatness to Confetti Night this year. Here are some of the details...

These are the tables and I think the hint of confetti added the perfect amount of fun to finish off each table.

Awesome ideas on how to use confetti in your next party! Throw a confetti party!

Such a fun confetti party table with felt balls in milk vases and honeycomb tissue balls. Handmade confetti and honeycomb tissue balls on tables at this awesome confetti party!

Confetti balloons are such a simple way to add a finishing touch to a party. Make your own confetti and add it to a clear balloon (a funnel works great) or you can find different colors of confetti balloons in the party in a boxes found in the shop.

Tons of ideas of how to use confetti in a confetti party!

I love myself a good balloon arch and one that looks like giant confetti is a win in my book. This Confetti Night balloon arch by Darling Street was ah-mazing and would steal the show in any confetti party!

Confetti Balloon arch with tissue honeycombs at an awesome confetti party!

We also hung lights and paper cut in fun confetti shapes to drape behind the speakers and to hang quotes from.

Cute hanging quote and ball lights at a confetti party. Lots of fun confetti ideas!Cute watercolor sign hanging from rafters at a confetti party. So fun to hang them with bulb lights!

Fun confetti garland and other ideas for a confetti party!

How about some confetti photo booth fun!

Have a confetti photo booth at a confetti party. Blow confetti into the camera!

And some confetti party food.

Love the confetti sprinkled popcorn at a confetti party!

Cute pink sprinkled cupcakes at a confetti party!

I enlisted my family/friends to help diy most of the decor so do ask if you want any specifics on how-tos. I'd love to share!

If you are looking for even more party planning ideas, I found this really cute article on how to plan a birthday party. Denay covers the checklist from budget to thank you notes and who couldn't use something to help keep the stress down and stay organized when planning an event!


Confetti Night pictures by the awesome Hanna Roberts Photography