Work day or Work out, You don’t have to choose!

My favorite workout line and my workday workouts!

Sponsored by Athleta

Sponsored by Athleta

Working out is a big part of my life.  I love working out, and it’s my stress reliever and brings me balance in life.  I try to go the gym everyday, but let’s be real, life can get really busy.  Besides talking with all of you guys, I have a job and three kids.  Juggling their schedules can get pretty hectic, and unfortunately my work out is usually the first to go (please tell me I am not the only one?!!).  BUT I am trying not to feel guilty, we are all trying to find balance and doing the best that we can!  I decided to share with you my tips on how to fit your workout into your workday and share all the things I have found that make it easier!  I am loving my new workout clothes from Athleta’s Commute line!  The best part of this line is that it’s perfect to work out in, but it’s cute enough to wear to work, to stop at your kids school, or go to dinner afterwards. 

running stairs workout

On the days I can’t get to the gym, I have been trying to fit in a workout in on my lunches.  You can do this too, sometimes a quick workout that gets your heart rate up is all you need!  Running in the city, stairs at the office, taking a bike to work.  There are so many ways you can get your workout in!  Without having to worry about a change of clothes, you can fit your workout in anytime.  It turns the lunch hour into an opportunity to get a full workout.  With the new Commute line you don’t have to worry about changing, and it makes it easy to get a workout in when you have the time. Here are my favorite pieces in their line that I am wearing!

Herringbone Mercer Tight

Caliber Tank

Swissvale Bomber Sweater

I can’t tell you how many days I’ve picked up the kids from school while still in my gym clothes from the morning.  With Athleta it’s so easy to throw on a cardigan, or a cute T-shirt and I don’t feel or look like I just walked out of the gym.  The Commute line is so comfortable and allows me to fit a workout in whenever I can. 


So girls, don’t feel guilty about skipping your workout!  Fit it in!  Want to take the stairs to the top floor?  Stretch in your office?  Go for a run at lunch?  You can easily do this in the Commute line because the clothing is so comfortable and versatile.  They’re professional clothes with an athletic twist.  All you need to do is peel off a layer and head outside, and then once your are back in the office add the layer back on and your all set for the rest of your day.  Here is a quick in office workout that you can do in your office!

Quick Office workout

  • Air Squats: x 20

  • Tricep dips: x10

  • Push-ups x15

  • Walking lunges: x10 each leg


Friends, the #WorkinYourWorkout has been so good for me! It has helped me not be so hard on myself. Going for a quick run on a work break, or a bike ride was such a good workout, and it let me accomplish my goals! I loved the mental break too, and work harder once I was back in the office! So I challenge you too to do the same!