Tips for Shopping for Flights


One of the things holding people back from traveling more often is the cost of flights. But what if you could save some serious money? Believe it or not, you can pay a small fraction of what people normally pay for flights, simply by spending a bit of time online. Let’s take a closer look at some tips for shopping for flights.


Cash in Those Reward Miles

We spoke recently about using reward miles. You want to use your credit cards that pay you in reward miles to your advantage. You can take so many free flights simply by paying your monthly expenses through your credit card. The key is to pay off your bill as soon as it arrives. Miles will add up quickly and you’ll soon be taking your first free flight.

Be Flexible

The most important tip for shopping for flights is to be flexible. If you’re in a position to fly anywhere at any time, you can save some serious money. Last minute cancellations can play in your favor. Even if you’re booking a flight to a specific location, you can save money by being flexible in seating, flight times, and layovers.


Search Incognito

Travel sites are smart. If you’re checking back often to get the best price, the site will know because it uses cookies to track your visits. This means you’ll probably not see a lower price. However, if you use a private search session, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to see the lower prices when you check back.

Use Google Flights

Google Flights can help you find great prices in a matter of seconds. Enter your destination and see what pops up. You can play around with the search options to get better prices. For example, you might save money by getting a one-way ticket. If you’re willing to be seated separately from your travel partner, you can also save by opting for one passenger instead of two.


Try Groupon Getaways

Groupon Getaways is such an amazing way to score deals on vacations. Some of these getaways include flights. For example, there is currently a deal for Ireland for an 8-day vacation including hotel, rental car, and airfare for only $799. That’s almost a $400 savings. Check the site often and see what pops up.

Flights don’t have to be expensive. There are so many tips you can use to save a lot of money. If you think a vacation is simply out of the budget, try these tips. You’ll be amazed at how much money you can really save.

Kami Nelson