Tips for Making Summer Getaways Affordable



Summer getaways do not have to be expensive. Believe it or not, you can travel during the summer months without paying outrageous tourist prices. Whether you travel to locations that aren’t as popular in the summer or you seek out new hotels and resorts, you can make summer getaways affordable.

Consider Locations That Aren’t as Popular in the Summer

There are travel destinations that are more affordable in the summer than the fall and winter. For example, places that are well known for skiing and winter sports are more affordable in the summer. The same goes for areas like Vermont that are extremely popular in the fall because of the scenery. If you’ve always wanted to visit Aspen, Colorado, summer is a great time.

Look for Beach Locations That Aren’t Tourist Traps

Going to the beach doesn’t have to be expensive. Look for beach locations that aren’t tourist traps. For example, you want to avoid places like Daytona because they cater to tourists. Instead think about visiting towns that are several miles away from the big destinations. The prices get less expensive the further away you get.

Go Camping

Camping is one of the most affordable summer getaways you can choose. Even if you rent a camper, it can still be affordable You can also camp almost anywhere in the US. Whether you want to experience time at the beach or in the mountains or in the desert, you can plan an affordable trip.


Seek Out New Hotels and Resorts

New hotels and resorts often have a soft opening. This can save you so much money. The reason it’s so affordable is that you’re basically guinea pigs. You’re still going to have an amazing experience. Just keep in mind that everything is new to everyonethat’s on the staff. Going to an area that is up and coming, but hasn’t hit it big yet, can be a great way to enjoy a vacation on the cheap.

Check Groupon Getaways

If you’re up to traveling anywhere, consider checking Groupon Getaways for excellent deals. You can save on hotels, airfare, and even vacation bundles. You’ll be amazed at what’s available.

Be Ready to Go


If Groupon isn’t for you, check with local airlines to see what last-minute deals they have. If you keep your bags packed, you can jump a plane sometimes the same day. It’s fun to not know where you’re going until the last minute. If you’re adventurous and want to travel more often, go for it.

Making summer getaways affordable is easier than you might think. The key is to think outside of the box. Consider traveling last minute or going somewhere that isn’t that popular in the summer. You can go camping for an affordable getaway, but you can also hit the beach if you know where to stay. Don’t skip on summer travel. There are many summer getaways that are super affordable.

Kami Nelson