My Favorite Spots in San Francisco

San Francisco style
Marina district San Francisco

I just got back from an amazing trip I took to San Francisco! Exploring the city with my sister was so much fun.  We tried to find areas of San Francisco we have never been to before.

My sister and I do a lot together, but usually it revolves around our kids. It was really nice spending hours shopping with no complaints from little ones!  While we were there we found one of my favorite parts of the city, the Marina District!  It's not super touristy, and has the cutest shops!

coffee shop San francisco

One of my favorite parts of traveling is finding cool little local spots and just people-watching. The vibe of the city was so cool with the various juice bars and coffee shops scattered throughout the area.  I'm always drawn to these types of places because everyone there is full of energy.  People are just doing their thing...working, studying, surfing the web, talking with one another!  Sometimes with friends, sometimes alone, but everywhere I went was full of people and everything was so alive and vibrant!

We stopped at Wrecking ball Coffee Roasters.  It is so cute and check out that wall paper!  LOVE!


desert shop San Fran
girls trip

First of all, Loving Cup is the coolest froyo place ever. They make a super creamy and velvety soft-serve with a rich taste and none of the fat. They even had a Green tea latte flavor with matcha!

This is a must stop after shopping at all of the cute little shops around!

flower shop san francisco

I found this super cute flower shop and well, I just had to stop and smell the roses! There is something about a cute street flower shop that makes me happy!  They were so nice and made the most beautiful bouquets!

These hidden gems are the best part about visiting an unfamiliar place.

brunch vacation san francisco

My sister and I met up with an amazing friend, Sylvie at this little italian spot called Rose’s Cafe. They have super yummy breakfast pizza and french toast!  We enjoyed brunch outside right on the sidewalk. It was such a beautiful day too!

It was so relaxing to just have a worry-free weekend where we could have a couple of stress free girl days in such a cute city!  

I think it's really important and cathartic to get away once in a while to just have some me time. It helps me recharge for my busy week of work and being a mom.

Let me know if you guys have any favorite spots in San Fran so I know where to check out next time I visit... AND if you are looking for the cutest quiant neighborhood in San Francisco, definitely check out the Marina District!  I promise you won't regret it!