A Drool-Worthy, Modern Boy's Bedroom - part 1

Part 1 of 3 of The Perfect Modern Boy's Bedroom

What’s black and white with energy all over? Let's talk about designing and decorating a little boy’s room, shall we?

Hi, my name is Mitzi and I have three boys. Three. So, you better believe I love myself a well-done modern boy’s bedroom. For heaven’s sakes, in the next year we’ll have three to design (plus their playroom) so we are looking at a lot of masculine decorating around here. Because of that, I've done a lot of researching and finding out what elements make or break a boy's space.

Because my boys are still small, I want their rooms to be able to grow with them. That might mean a little more mature designs to begin with, but that's okay with me. I figure if the basics are classy, the accessories can be made more age appropriate so they can be easily changed out and they won't grow out of their rooms so quickly.

If you have ever met my kiddos, you’d know they are as different as night and day and I want their rooms to reflect that. My oldest is a dark haired, dark eyed, go-with-the-flow, sensitive type. My middle boy is a blonde haired, blue eyed, laugh-your-face-off tornado type. He’s into everything and is the one that keeps us on our toes. My baby might be somewhere in the middle or an entire different breed. We’re still deciding on that one, but boy is he a doll. However these boys end up, I want their rooms to be them and reflect their personalities.

The struggle? I want to juggle having a spot that promotes fun and imaginations with being practical and thinking about storage and cleanliness. Practical combined with style. Learning combined with playtime. Sounds easy enough, right?

Add all of these together and what do we get? A drool worthy boy’s room.

Let's talk about my three favorite elements I've found in a boy's room. Come back for part two and three to cover the other six elements.

  • 1. Black and white
  • 2. Geometric
  • 3. Accessories and styling
  • Floors/rugs
  • Pendants
  • Crazy beds
  • Textures
  • Unexpected elements
  • Storage

1. Black and white

I love the playfulness of this look. It's clean and modern and such a nice starting point to work with. A blank slate that, if done right, can really make your accessories pop. I adore the warmth the natural wood adds to this space and the contrasting of colors.

Jessica Hanson styling on Confettihype.com - a boy's modern bedroom

Styling by Jessica Hanson Inside Out Magazine, photography by Craig Wall

Modern Boy's Bedroom on ConfettiHype.com

Spearmint Baby

2. Geometric

It doesn't matter if it is on the wall, on the floor or anywhere inbetween,  geometrics add interest and create structure in a space. This wallpaper is perfection.

How to get a Modern Boy's bedroom on ConfettiHype.com
This mature nursery will be fun to grow into. The overlapping geometric designs on the curtains, pillow, stool, rug and crib all add an unexpected mishmash of adorable. I can't wait to layer crazy patterns together.

3. Accessories and styling

I love to see accessories that tell a story and show the personality of the owner. Accessories are always fun especially ones that add a little warmth too (I can't get enough of wood, little pops of color, greenery, natural elements, different textures, etc.). This is especially true starting out with black/white or any neutral space. This room did it with the bed and the table and it turned out ah-mazing!

modern boy's bedroom on ConfettiHype.comStyling by Jessica Hanson Inside Out Magazine, photography by Amanda Prior

What was once a simple room is made awesome with it's bright accessories.

Little Interiors modern boy's room | Happy Confetti ConfettiHype.com

Little Interior's Modern Boy's Bedroom

I happened to stumble upon Design Life Kids while accessory shopping and 12 hours later I had everything in my shopping cart! Here are some of my favorites for that modern boy's room...

Design Life Kids accessories for a modern boy's room on ConfettiHype.com

Design Life Kids

Come back to see part two (floors/rugs, pendants, and crazy beds) and the next week for part three (textures, unexpected elements and storage) to create a drool-worthy, modern boy's bedroom!