The Dominican Treehouse Village a Bucketlist Vacation


The Dominican Treehouse Village may be the most amazing vacation spot I've ever been to!  What do you think of when I say Dominican Republic?  Probably, Punta Cana right?  Well, I had a chance to visit The Dominican Treehouse Village in the Samana region, and it was an experience I will never forget!  It was nothing close to the large resort we all think of when we think of the Dominican Republic!  It is on the opposite side of the island, and it is not touristy at all!  Just as beautiful, but it’s a beautiful natural countryside!


 How to get there

We arrived in Santo Domingo, and were met by a taxi driver that had been sent from the village.  This made getting to The Village so easy and stress free.  The drive to the village was about 2.5 hours, but went by so quickly because the countryside was so beautiful and we were so excited to be there.  We passed through multiple towns as we traveled to the village, and it was amazing to see all of the locals gathering as the day came to an end.

 The Resort

Once we arrive at the Treehouse Village we were met by the staff and were immediately treated as if we were family.   The Dominican Treehouse Village is just that!  A Treehouse Village!  Every room is a tree house, and they're all amazing.  We were amazed by the entire property, but when they showed us to our room (or Treehouse!) it took our breath away.  I'm not joking when I say this place has an indescribable vibe to it.  The second we walked in, the feeling of relaxation overwhelmed us!  We stayed in one of the VIP tree houses, and the view from our room looked out across the canyon.  Each of the tree houses are open air with curtains that can be opened or closed.  They all have hammock chairs, a ceiling fan, and mosquito nets over the beds to keep the guests comfortable.  Our tree house even had an outdoor shower!  I didn't do a lot of showering in the day, but to shower outside in the jungle at night, with lightening bugs flying all around was an experience I'll never forget.  I know when I say sleep under mosquito nets, you all worry… But honestly, there was not many bugs at all!


 All Inclusive

The Dominican Treehouse Village is an all-inclusive resort, and all of our meals were cooked in an outdoor kitchen by Leo and Rosa.  Everyone eats at the main lodge so all of the guests come together each night and talk about their adventures for that day.  Everything we ate was so good, from the omelettes and french toast in the morning, to the squash and tomato soup at night.  The atmosphere was amazing and every night we sat around chatting with all of the other guests.  Sitting in the middle of the jungle, eating some great food, and relaxing with great people!  Who wouldn't love that?

 The Staff

One of the best things about The Dominican Treehouse Village is the philosophy of the Village and it's staff.  It's important for the Village to be part of the community, and whenever The Village needs work done, they hire locals to make sure they're contributing to the community rather than exploiting it.  It's a philosophy that's important to me, and makes the Village a true part of the community.  In addition, a lot of the staff at The Village are volunteers that have vacationed at The Village before, and fallen in love with the place, so they come back to stay and work! 



We went to the Treehouse Village not knowing what to expect and we came back inspired and in love with the people of Samana and the Dominican Treehouse Village!  The stay was amazing, and I honestly have to say it was one of my favorite vacations I have ever been on. 


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Kami Nelson